Placecheck research and other evaluations


Over the years, we have helped local communities to carry out and put together “Placechecks” of their local area.


Placecheck is a tool to use within the community, to find out what people think about the place where they live, work and play. It focuses on people, place and movement and asks local people to identify what is good in an area, what is not so good, and how it can be improved – effectively, how to make it a better place to live in.


We have carried out Placechecks in various locations across the City, from 2001 to 2011, and have included 9 available for download:

Research and Consultation

We carry out community research across the county to identify the needs of particular communities; this is sometimes commissioned by Local Authorities to aid decisions about services or funding. We have also carried out formal research in partnership with the University of Lincoln and Leeds Metropolitan University relating to Community Health Champions model of working / volunteering.


The following are just two examples of reports and audits that we have compiled over the years:


Participatory Budgeting Evaluation Report 2010

In 2010, our Abbey Community Development Worker compiled a Participatory Budgeting Evaluation Report. You can download this report here.  Participatory Budgeting – Evaluation Report 2010.



Lincoln Open Space Audit

We also compiled a Lincoln Open Space Audit for the City of Lincoln Council in 2006. Download it here Lincoln Open Space Audit Report 2006



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