Here’s the latest update from our volunteers, Sue, Lorraine and Ron, about their regular stand at Tesco on Wragby Road in Lincoln

 We managed to speak to 100 people today, and were surprised that we spoke to so many men who have just been diagnosed, or under treatment, for prostate cancer.  We gave out many Blue Boxers, breast cancer information, Boobs & Balls, bowel cancer leaflets (the NHS campaign this month is bowel cancer awareness), as well as the MacMillan contact leaflets.  Lots of stories.

  • One chap had recently been diagnosed in Boston, with prostate cancer. The staff and MacMillan nurses had been very helpful.
  • We spoke to a number of older ladies, who hadn’t realised that they could still ask for mammograms, although they were over the age of 70. One lady in particular had her daughter with her, and both were pleased to be able to take away information.
  • I spoke to a lady and her son, about the need to know their own bodies, and what was normal for them. The son is blind, and he was very happy for me to give the leaflets to his mother, for her to read to him as we don’t have the call for leaflets in Braille.  His mother also took away information on a number of the cancers.
  • Now students are back at school, we spoke to a number of students, and gave out quite a number of breast and Blue Boxer information.
  • A group of young girls were also happy to take away the information on the HPV vaccine.
  • I spoke to a lady whose brother was a smoker. She was pleased to be able to take away the wheel regarding the savings by cutting down or stopping smoking, as well as information on mouth, throat and lung cancers.

Lorraine is looking forward to working with Linda at the Freshers Fair at the University of Lincoln”

Thanks you all for your dedication and hard work!