We’ve received another update from Sue, Ron and Lorraine, three of our EPOC (Early Presentation of Cancer) Volunteers, about the time on their regular stand at Tesco on Wragby Road in Lincoln:

“Today we spoke to 132 people in the space of just over 3 hours! Wow! It just shows how many people were prepared to have a look at the information and take it away with them. Here’s some examples of people that we spoke to:

  • A couple stopped to have a look, as the husband was in remission after chemo for prostate cancer. Although he had been given all the information he wanted while going through his treatment, he was still very interested in the moles, and skin cancer leaflets.  His wife wanted more information on breast and cervical cancer.
  • We spoke to a number of students from Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School. The young men took away information on male cancers and the girls took away information about HPV, cervical and breast cancer. We also saw a number of students who had already taken our information, and it seems that most of them appear to read the leaflets and pass them on to friends when they have finished with them. Wonderful!
  • Another lady stopped as she had recently lost a family member to a brain tumour. She took away the Headstart leaflets.  Happy to have the information.
  • We had a number of mothers with daughters who have already had their HPV, or will soon get the injections. They each took away the information on the HPV virus, and the injections the girls receive”

Lorraine also contacted us to let us know how she found the day:

“I spoke to quite a few families with children, about care in the sun, and gave out a lot of leaflets about skin cancer and moles, together with a lot of the new yellow “Kids” leaflets.

I also spoke to a couple of older ladies, one of whom had a history of breast cancer in her family. They were not aware that they could request breast screening after age 70. I gave them both some breast cancer leaflets, as well as a “Check it Out” leaflet each.

Most of the people didn’t want to stop and chat and just took information leaflets, which I asked them to pass on to others once they had read them.”