Here’s the latest from our EPOC Volunteers, Sue and Ron, about their recent information stand at the St Giles Winter Warmer Day.

“This event was held in the St. Giles Community Centre on Swift Gardens.  It was organised for the residents of St. Giles by the Neighbourhood Team.

This event was attended by many agencies, including Tesco, Age UK, St. Barnabas, the local police and PCSOs, Credit Union, Food Larder etc..  We spoke to 52 people, and gave out a lot of leaflets.

  • Although there were not many stories, I did speak to one couple where the husband was just going to start his second lot of chemotherapy for lung cancer. This chap is still smoking, although he has cut down.  I gave him a ‘smoking wheel’, to show him how much he could save by stopping smoking.
  • Another chap was in his 2nd week of radiotherapy after prostate treatment, but was very positive as his cancer was caught early.
  • I was talking to a young lady whose Mum had received surgery for breast cancer, and her lymph glands under her arm, were removed. Her mum was finding it difficult to cope with the fluid build up in her upper arm.  I advised she speak to her doctor about it.

Because of the dark mornings and evenings, I took along a lot of torches, and they were very well received.

Thanks Sue and Ron!