Here’s the latest report from our EPOC Volunteers, about their monthly Lincoln Market Stand:

“There were more people about today, and we spoke to eleven.

  • We spoke to one lady who worked as a patient representative at the City Practice. She took away a really good assortment of information leaflets to put on the information shelves in the waiting room.
  • Another lady stopped, and she was very interested in the leaflets regarding the fact that ladies over 70 can still ask for mammograms. She worked in a care home for the elderly, and took information for the residents and staff to read.
  • A man stopped to have a chat with us and was impressed by our Blue Boxers leaflets, and took 3 for his mates.
  • We also spoke to a new stallholder, who was very interested in our information, and took away some leaflets.
  • Also, a lady who runs a stall, wanted to have a T-shirt, she’s happy to donate towards EPOC and we’ll be taking her a t-shirt next month. “

Thanks for the udpate! Keep up the good work!