Here’s the latest update from our EPOC Volunteers, who hold a regular stand at Tesco on Wragby Road in Lincoln:

“The market is still exceedingly quiet, but we still managed to speak to 16 people.

  • A couple walk by and I spoke to the lady, who said that her husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and couldn’t bring himself to talk about it. His wife wanted more information so took all the information we had on prostate.  She also took away the small breast care leaflets for her daughters.
  • A chap stopped to have a look, and originally said he wasn’t interested, he took away Blue Boxers leaflet.
  • We had a visit from one of our regulars, who has diabetes, but is helping himself a great deal by losing a lot of weight. He is now able to walk far easier and further, and looks super.  Nice to get feedback and to speak to regulars.
  • Another couple stopped to see what we had, and took a selection of information leaflets. Apparently they use the market regularly on Fridays, but had not seen us before.  They were very impressed with the information available, and said would stop again next month.

The market manager has one of our “Stop Monkey About – Get Checked Out” T shirts, and he has photos of him wearing it when he went on holiday to Ibiza.  I asked if we could have a copy of one of his photos showing him wearing the T shirt.  Fingers crossed!  We have a new stall holder in the market, so I spoke to him and he took away a number of leaflets for himself and his family.”

Thanks Sue and Ron for your update!