Here’s the latest update from our EPOC Volunteer, Lorraine, about the monthly stall at Lincoln Central Market:

“Today we spoke to 33 people.

I spoke to an older man who told me he was recovering from stomach cancer. He had an operation, followed by chemotherapy and is still under the hospital for check-ups. He told me he had all the information he needed, so didn’t want any more. I explained the EPOC stand was there the first Friday of each month, should he need to talk or get any information in the future.

An older lady told me she had been treated for bladder cancer over 10 years ago and now had the “all clear”. She took a laminated shower hanger leaflet to remind her to check her breasts plus a Boobs/Balls and a Well Fitting Bra leaflet for her daughter.

I gave information to some of the stallholders and as previously arranged, another stallholder tried on the tee-shirts I had brought along for size and she purchased a large size one, for which she gave me £10. She was delighted with it and kept it on over her jumper!”

Thanks Lorraine!