Here’s the latest update from our EPOC volunteers about their regular stand on Lincoln Central Market:

“Today we spoke to 51 people, and handed out leaflets to 18 people.

  • A lady who worked at St Barnabas Hospice stopped to talk to us. She didn’t need any leaflets for  the hospice for now but we explained we were at the market on the first Friday of each month, should she need any more of our leaflets for the hospice in future. She did take a lip balm for herself.
  • An older couple told us the husband had received treatment for bladder cancer. A friend of theirs had recently had a double mastectomy. They took a Ladies Over 70 Breast leaflet and a Blue Boxer leaflet, together with a MacMillan leaflet.
  • A lady told me she had all the screening offered but was concerned it would stop as she got older. I gave her a Ladies Over 70 Breast leaflet and explained, if she was concerned she could still ask her doctor for screening. She also took a Reducing Risk- what Women can do leaflet and a lip balm.
  • Another couple told me their male friend had been treated for prostate cancer and had now recently been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. They took male and female cancer leaflets and an Oesophageal Cancer leaflet.”

Thanks for all your hard work Lorraine, Sue and Ron!