Sue Ormston has just submitted, on behalf of herself, Ron and Lorraine, three of our EPOC volunteers, have just submitted an update on their cancer information and awareness stall at Lincoln Central Market on 01/04/16

A lovely Spring day, during the school Easter holidays, and as a result, there were more children about with parents and grandparents, and we spoke to 24 people today. Here is a selection of the people that we spoke to that day:

  • One elderly lady stopped to look and have a chat. She had breast cancer in the 70’s and is now OK with that, but was more recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  This lady had never smoked, but she went to her doctor as she had a persistent cough.  Her doctor gave her cough medicine, but also sent her for a chest x-ray, when the cancer was diagnosed.  She has since had a lung removed, and is now fine.  She wanted to stop and say how important EPOC is about raising awareness of cancers.  She was very impressed with the EPOC leaflets, and took a number, including Blue Boxers, stories and breast and cervical, of leaflets to pass on to her family.
  • A grandfather, with his grandson, stopped and took away a Blue Boxers leaflet, as well as a wrist band for his grandson. He was very impressed with having such informative, and easy to understand leaflets.
  • A young chap stopped to have a quick chat, and he also was interested in the Blue Boxers leaflet. He was not aware that males can get breast cancer (much rarer), but he also took away a few information leaflets for his girlfriend, as well as his mates and family.
  • A group of young men took away the Blue Boxers information, on the understanding that they passed on the leaflets to their mates once they were finished with them.
  • We spoke to one of our ‘regulars’, and he was quite upset that EPOC had not been re-funded. He is very supportive and impressed with what EPOC has done in and around the county.”