The Feel Good Project is now in its second year, having had a very successful first year.  This year it is funded by the Managed Care Network.

During the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown developmentplus held the Mindful Monday’s online wellbeing course, which proved to be very positive. Following this further funding was sought to extend that project resulting in The Feel Good Project which began in 2021.

The Feel Good Project is run by Stuart Couling, Development Worker, and has been offered to adults who live in the Grantham and Sleaford areas who are experiencing mental health conditions and wanted a safe space where they could feel relaxed enough to build their confidence using a holistic approach.

The mindfulness course aims to support participants to reduce their social isolation, build stronger connections and better equip themselves to take care of their mental and physical needs. The course takes place over 12 weeks, mostly online. Participants also receive one to one mentoring and peer support.

Having the opportunity to take part online was extremely beneficial during the lockdowns and as people recovered from the pandemic. Those taking part have been able to connect with others, with some choosing to form WhatsApp groups to support each other outside of the sessions. As the Covid restrictions lifted, the groups were also able to meet on alternate weeks for a catch up and this has led to some people remaining in contact following the end of the courses.

So far about 100 people have benefited from the project and feedback has been very positive.

Sessions include

• Meditation

• mindful walking

• arts and craft

• mindful movement

• Emotional Freedom Techniques

Benefits include

• Reduced stress and anxiety

• Ability to cope with the now and not worrying as much about the future

• Better sleep

• Improved concentration

If you live in Sleaford or Grantham area and would like to find out more, please contact the developmentplus office:

Tel: 07508292808