We’re well into our festivities now – what with the Christmas Fair happening last week!

Friday 7th was definitely a busy one! What with having our lovely visiting stallholders as well as our inhouse organisations coming together, we were on our feet from the start.

At Developmentplus, we opted to take on the role of organising the whole event; inviting, marketing, logistics, etc. This firstly meant talking about Christmas in October, but we’ll brush over that for now, the keys we found was to make sure all of the stalls complimented each other, that everyone had adequate space without it looking bare and to make sure that marketing and invitations went out to the community.

Course, we could never predict the weather, and as you may remember the rain was almost flooding for the whole morning, only slowing towards the end of the afternoon. Obviously not helping the cause and meaning the car park was full most of the day. Still, we look onwards, the weathers looking better for the Carols event tomorrow! If not a bit chilly…

And thus, we go onto the Christmas Decorations Workshop and the Carols in the Arboretum events, both happening tomorrow, both free and open to all!

Christmas Decorations Workshop – Arboretum Café, Monks Road between 15.30 and 17.00

Carols in the Arboretum – The Arboretum, Monks Road (Main entrance) from 18.00 to 20.00

Stay tuned to see how they go…. and we hope to see you there!

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