Wellbeing Programmes

After successfully piloting “Mindful Mondays” with residents, businesses and third sector organisations in Lincoln, funded through the Lincolnshire Foundation and the COLC COVID-19 Grant, developmentplus is now launching a brand new programme.

Mindful Wellbeing

What’s Involved?

Week 1: What Is Mindfulness?

Try out some basic mindfulness techniques and have a go at the mindfulness quiz

Week 2: Mindful Healthy Eating?

Find out how mindfulness can help you achieve a healthy diet and even lose weight! (participants will need to have an item to eat, it can even be chocolate!)

Week 3: The Body Scan

Get in touch with your own body without judging, distancing yourself from unhelpful thoughts.

Week 4: Mindful Drawing

Bring pen and paper, have a go at drawing mindfully, discover how being in the present moment can really help with stress and anxiety.

Week 5: Mindful Movement

Connecting mind and body to promote a calmer mind using basic thai chi moves.

Week 6: Mindful Cup Of Tea

Bring a cup of tea or your favourite hot or cold drink and let’s drink mindfully together.

Week 7: Feedback

How have you found the course? Have you managed to practice on your own? This week includes a longer relaxation meditation to finish off.

Course Prices

Small Group Session (5 – 10 people) – £750
Medium Group Session (11 – 15 people) – £1,125
Large Group Session (16 – 20 people) – £1,500

For further information on our Mindful Wellbeing Programme:

Please email: enquiries@developmentplus.org.uk
or call Lynsey Collinson (CEO) 07432 445481 (Monday – Friday)
Stuart Couling (developmentplus Mindfulness Practitioner) 07944 431776 (Tuesday – Thursday)