Lincoln Neighbours Together Network

Lincoln Neighbours Together Network provides support to the Lincoln Neighbourhood Boards that were developed as part of the Neighbourhood Working Project which was completed in 2018.  We worked collaboratively with Urban Challenge and the community to develop the seven existing neighbourhood boards and forums originally set up by Lincoln City Council. These are;

  • Abbey
  • Birchwood
  • Bracebridge and Manse
  • Moorland
  • Ermine West
  • Ermine East
  • St Giles 

An eighth board, Sincil Bank, will remain with the City Council for now, as is deemed to be a high priority area for the city.

In these spaces local people train, organise and lead meetings and events to gather the views and opinions of other local residents in the area they live in. The boards then discuss areas where they would like to see improvements and work together to meet with the relevant people to organise this change or make the changes themselves.

After the individual boards were established and the members required less intensive support, the LNTN was developed to provide a forum for the individual boards to attend and support each other. Here, they share what they have been up to and ask for support from their peers.

LNTN’s main aim is to see what needs to be improved on within the community, what is working successfully, and to ultimately give the people of Lincoln their own voice to make valuable and positive change. 

Along with Urban Challenge, we have been organising and managing the meetings, whilst training the members ready to take over LNTN within the next three years.

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