A Step in the Right Direction 2017-19

Update on STEPS – September 2019

We are now at the end of our Henry Smith funded ‘STEPS’ programme after 2 years of delivery across Lincoln.

The programme has had an emphasis on encouraging participants to seek opportunities to ‘positively move on’ in some way in their lives. We have worked with participants to identify any barriers which may be holding them back, then encourage them to explore ways of addressing them.

Over the past two years we have worked with 47 participants on an individual basis as well as delivering 10 health and well-being sessions to residents at the local women’s refuge. We have also delivered a number of health-related group sessions to those participants who have wanted to engage in a group setting and develop support networks outside of the programme.

All participants were able to identify personal barriers which were holding them back from achieving the things they want to do in life and have achieved a positive outcome. The range of achievements is wide and varied – becoming employed, going into education; undertaking additional work to support their own mental health; starting their own business; volunteering or addressing personal issues such as trans-gender.

We have also learnt from the project. Target numbers have changed during the delivery, mainly because of the high level of mental ill-health of a large number of participants, which has not only lead to more intensive support being required, but also increased the length of time participants have felt the need to be on the programme. Progress has sometimes been slow, and participants have worked towards their goals at a slower rate than anticipated in the beginning.


The Project

Thanks to new Bromhead Medical Charity and Lincolnshire Community Foundation funding, we were able to run another STEPS (A Step in the Right Direction) programme in Lincoln and surrounding area, between July 2017 and August 2018.

The aims

The intentions were for people

  • to feel good about themselves, whatever circumstances they found themselves in.
  • To deal with life’s challenges, building resilience and personal well-being.
  • To give voice to their hopes, creating their own path towards their own goals.
  • To be confident in their abilities, and to be motivated by the success of their actions.

How did we do it?

We gave long-lasting emotional and practical tools that supported people back into work, into becoming involved in their local or wider community, into a healthier frame of mind and lifestyle.

Who was it aimed at?

People who want, in some way, to “move on” in their life.

We did it by supporting people to:

  • Identify personal barriers
  • Break cycles of limiting behaviour
  • Face fears and anxieties
  • Gain control
  • Experience success
  • Feel happy
  • Be confident
  • Be motivated
  • Set goals
  • Take positive action
  • Feel well

How did people take part?

Whether giving emotional support, or helping you with practical things like CV writing, developing a healthier lifestyle, or just helping you to “move on” in your life; the programme was tailored to meet the needs of the individual, and we worked with the client to decide what they wanted to develop.

“If you live in the Lincoln area, we can help YOU make A Step In The Right Direction.”