LocalMotion Lincoln – Poverty Truth Commission

LocalMotion, funded by six independent funders, is a movement to bring people organisations and institutions together to pool resources and benefit communities in six places across the UK including Lincoln.

LocalMotion Lincoln is currently represented by a core group of individuals from the public, private and not-for profit sector, supported by a wider network locally and nationally.  Our CEO, Lynsey Collinson represents developmentplus on this group.  As Lincoln moves from pandemic response to recovery, we are challenging the environment we work, the practices we have become accustomed to, and our ability to think differently for the long-term positive impact of Lincoln.

As part of this work, in September 2022, LocalMotion Lincoln has launched the Poverty Truth Commission to hear the stories of those with experience of living in poverty in our communities and support them to influence real change.  The aim is to develop an eight year action plan and a long term plan to end poverty in Lincoln.  developmentplus have been awarded the facilitation element of this piece of work and two of our development workers, Alexandra Chambers and Ian Enright will be leading on this work for our organisation.

To find out more visit LocalMotion Lincoln – Poverty Truth Commission