Well there has been speculation of possible new projects here at Developmentplus, and as the team grows, that can only mean 1 thing. So here it is, our new member of staff, Corrin, tells you about our new research project:

Development Plus have taken on a new project and employed me (Corrin) and Becky. Our job is to talk to those who frequent the city centre, to find out about their experiences of homelessness, drugs, anti-social behaviour and their experiences of services within our county.

We’re both experienced at supporting and talking to this group of people (and we continue to do alongside this post) and we are enjoying spending time listening to stories, as well as signposting to various agencies that can provide help. The information and personal testimonies we gather will be presented to the council so that they have an understanding of the varied and complex issues out there and can make decisions informed by our study. All personal accounts will be anonymised. If you feel that you would like to share a personal story of life on the street, feel free to contact us on:

Corrin on: corrin.twelves@developmentplus.org.uk

Becky on: rebecca.pipes-goulsbra@developmentplus.org.uk

We are out and about throughout the week and at different times around the city, feel free to stop us and have a chat!

Corrin and Becky