The team from LNTN have been out and about meeting people in the local community. They recently had a stall at the Boultham Park Fair encouraging residents to get involved in their local Boards and Forums across the City.

LNTN is a resident led group that supports the seven Neighbourhood Board and Forums within Lincoln and is funded by the Lottery.

The boards are;

Abbey                                              Birchwood

Bracebridge and Manse                Moorland

Ermine West                                   Ermine East

St Giles

The network was developed in 2018, with the support of Voluntary Centre Services (Urban Challenge Ltd) Lincoln and developmentplus to provide a forum for all boards to come together and share ideas, best practice, board support and act as a central point for information that all boards could access and share when needed.

Despite Covid-19, LNTN has continued to meet virtually over the last two years, strengthening its structure to that of a constituted group, and improving its presence as a mechanism for support. Unfortunately, several of the local boards that sit under LNTN have not been as successful and have suffered due to the pandemic.

At the beginning of this year, developmentplus was able to secure further funding from the Lottery to undertake a yearlong roadshow, with a view of visiting all the Neighbourhood Board areas within the City to help rebuild and reconnect local communities with their local Boards following the pandemic. It provides an opportunity to share what local boards can do, how residents can get involved, share how local issues can be tackled. To do this the Board will hold pop-up events to promote positive community cohesive messages in each of the areas.

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