Celebrating Pride Through the Power of Words: The Pride Postcard Project

Last year our postcard activity was such a success with over 160 postcards written we have decided to do it again this year. Why not join us to take part in our Pride Postcard Project.

We want to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community’s diverse voices and experiences. Whether you’re writing to yourself or someone else, a Pride postcard becomes a lovely way to express your pride, love, and acceptance.


How to Get Started

1. Choose Your Recipient: You can write a postcard to yourself, a loved one, a friend, or even someone you’ve never met but want to inspire. The choice is yours.

2. Pick a Meaningful Message: Think about what makes you feel proud, it could be your journey of self-discovery, your support for a friend, or your hope for a more inclusive world. Share your thoughts, experiences, and wishes.

3. Design Your Postcard: Get creative! We will have plenty of coloured pens and stickers so you can decorate it with colours, symbols, or images that represent your pride.

4. Send It with Love: If you’re sending it to someone else, consider adding a personal note to let them know why you’re thinking of them. Then, send it out into the world, spreading love and pride.


By sending a postcard, you’re sending a piece of your heart and contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate world.

So, whether you’re celebrating your own journey or reaching out to someone you care about, join us in embracing the power of words at this year’s Pride event. Let’s share our stories, our love, and our pride, one postcard at a time.

Remember, pride knows no bounds, and a postcard can carry that message across the miles.  

Lots of the team will be there throughout the day to chat to about our projects, so make sure to put Saturday 17 August on your calendar.









Raffle prize donations needed

As part of our event, we are organising a raffle to raise funds for our benevolent fund which provides small grants to help meet the needs of our clients, which is used for things like emergency mobile phone top ups, access to Lincoln Community Grocery and bus passes to travel to our projects, job interviews etc.

We are reaching out for prizes for our raffle. We would be grateful for any donation you can provide, whether it be a product, a gift certificate, or a service. Your support will make a significant difference and help us continue our important work.