Here’s the latest update from our Lorraine, Sue and Ron, about their regular monthly stand at Tesco, on Wragby Road in Lincoln:

“Today, we managed to speak to 130 people. Again we gave out quite a lot of the Blue Boxers to the men, and also to some of the ladies for their husbands.

  • We spoke to a lady who had been a nurse, and she was very impressed with what EPOC were doing. She took leaflets on the male cancers for her sons-in-law, as well as female cancer leaflets for her daughters.
  • Another lady stopped to look, and she was a mental health nurse. She took away one of the leaflets on breast cancer and cervical cancer, for people with learning difficulties.  She also took away a number of more general leaflets and Blue Boxers.
  • A gentleman stopped, who originally he wasn’t interested, but after chatting he took away information on male cancers as he realised he needed to ensure he looked after himself, as he was now his wife’s carer.
  • Another lady said she wasn’t interested and she walked past. She then returned and said that a neighbour was now undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, and that she would like to find out more about it.  She took the Blue Boxers, as well as some general male and female cancer information.
  • We spoke to a number of young adults about cancers, and many of them took away Blue Boxers and/or breast and cervical information.
  • One lady stopped as a family member was undergoing cancer treatment, and although Macmillan had given out cancer booklets, she was interested in taking away the new Macmillan contact details.
  • A couple stopped to tell us they had recently taken part in the Cancer Research “Race for Life” and had raised over £2000.
  • A lady told u she had recently asked at her doctor’s surgery for cervical screening. She took various leaflets on Cervical Cancer and Cervical Screening.
  • Another lady told us that she had been diagnosed and treated for bowel cancer, following bowel cancer screening. She took various leaflets, including the Lincolnshire Health Screening for Men and Women, and Cervical Cancer Screening leaflets.
  • A man we had seen at Tesco before, runs a service veterans club. He took a selection of leaflets to display at their next meeting, including Blue Boxers, and skin cancer leaflets.  

Many of those who said they were not interested, we did point out the importance of knowing their own bodies, and to go and speak to their doctor if changes last for more than 2-3 weeks.

Tesco are now going into their Christmas season, so have asked that we don’t set up in November and December.  We will go again in January 2017. ”

Thanks all, for all you valued and hard work!