Here’s a report about the St Giles Summer Gala that our EPOC Volunteers had a stall at:

“The day was very hot indeed, with a welcome breeze. During the day we spoke to 164 people.

  • A young woman, who we spoke to last year, stopped by, as she had gone to the doctor last year about a breast lump, and had been told that it was a recurring cyst.  Now she was getting some bleeding.  I advised her to go back to the doctor.  Her husband agreed, and said he would make an appointment on the Monday.
  • Another young mum had had an operation for breast cancer. She wondered if the Breast Unit did nipple tattooing.  I could not help her, so suggested she speak to the Breast Unit direct.
  • Two young 15 year old lads stopped, and as well as the Blue Boxers, wanted to have the tobacco wheels, as they both smoked. I also gave these lads the leaflets on lung, throat and mouth cancer.
  • Because the day was so hot and sunny, I spoke to many parents about the need for using sunblock on their children. I gave out a lot of information on skin cancer, Fun in the Sun and moles.
  • We gave out very many of the Blue Boxers to the males, and also to females with male partners.
  • One young lady stopped to ask about cervical and ovarian cancers. Apparently a friend had recently been diagnosed, and she wanted to make sure she understood what had happened, and to ensure she wold be aware of these herself.

Thank you to the Boys Brigade for helping us take down the marquee and also to Noel Tobin for his help.”

Many thanks Sue, Ron and Lindsay!