Our EPOC Volunteers Sue and Ron attended the St Giles Family Fun Day this week. Here’s an update as to how they got on…

“This event was held in the St. Giles Community Centre on Swift Gardens.  It was organised for the youth and families of the Community, as the Youth Club was destroyed by fire recently, and the users of the Youth Club needed to raise funds to replace the equipment that was lost.

We spoke to 23 people, and gave out a lot of leaflets.  Especially Blue Boxers, and the information on female cancers.

  • One lady chatted, and told us about her granddaughter who was pregnant, who had womb problems. She will have to wait until the birth of her baby before anything can be done.  She took away all the information we had on female cancers and how to check your breasts.
  • Another lady spoke of how she was diagnosed with bowel cancer after doing her bowel screening. She took her time before sending it back, as she thought it was not only nasty, but also a waste of time.  This shows just how important doing this screening is.
  • A lady who used to work in the Youth Club a number of years ago, stopped to chat, and she took away lots of cancer information for her office, and for the young people she worked with.

As the weather was good, there were a large number of activities out on the field, organised by Positive Futures.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time.”


Thank you for all your great efforts Sue and Ron!