EPOC Volunteers were invited to attend Lincoln BIG’s “Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration” Event on Lincolns High Street this weekend.  They provided an information stall showcasing EPOC’s flyers promoting early signs and symptoms of cancer.

“We were allocated a stall outside Monsoon. The morning was fine, and very warm.  Unfortunately it didn’t stay that way, as the heavens opened up before 2.00pm.

We gave out large numbers of leaflets, especially the Blue Boxers and breast information along with a good number of cervical leaflets, we were very busy.  We were joined by a lady from St. Giles, Gillian Sofroniou, who did a sterling job.  We also received a donation of £10 from a couple, who had lost a number of relatives to cancer.

  • I spoke to an old lady, who didn’t realise that she could still ask for a mammograms, even though she was over 70. She took away the leaflet regarding older women and mammograms.
  • A middle-aged man stopped for a chat, and he had noticed blood in his urine, just the once, and he was sent by his wife to see his doctor (she went with him), where he was diagnosed with bladder cancer after tests. He is OK now, but very keen that people understand just how important it is to go and see their doctor when there is blood where it shouldn’t be.  As he said, his early diagnosis saved his life.
  • We spoke to a group of young girls who had received their HPV jab, but were not aware of what it was really for. They took away information on cervical cancer as well as HPV.
  • Gillian spoke to a young lady who was a student at the University of Lincoln, and she had attended the Boobs and Balls presentation twice. She felt that it was something that all students should attend and listen to as it could well be a lifesaver.

We took some of our “Get checked out” t-shirts to sell, and will try selling them again at Boultham Park’s summer Fete on the 9th July and the St Giles Gala on the 17th July.

We packed up just a few minutes before 5.00pm”

Thank you Sue, Ron & Gillian