Here at developmentplus we start 2022 with our largest team in nearly seven years, we now total 12.

Our longest serving member of staff is Lynsey Collinson, our CEO, who is responsible for finding and applying for the funding that starts and keeps going the advocating and mentoring projects that developmentplus has become synonymous with.  She is also responsible for the day to day management of the charity and staff supported by Clare Bryan, Lead Development Worker.

I am Sandra Farrington and I undertake the admin support for the overall team and the individual projects.

The rest of the team consists of the very important development workers who undertake the projects;

A Step in The Right Direction

Ian Enright and Alex Chambers use coaching and mentoring techniques to offer practical and emotional support to people with a variety of issues including job searches, domestic abuse, rehousing, alcohol, independence skills, developing new interests and mental health.

Better Together

The Better Together project brings together three Lincoln charities: developmentplus, Abbey Access Training and Green Synergy.  Clare Bryan and Stuart Couling work alongside the other teams to provide a programme that enables people living with poor mental health to improve their personal health and well-being.

Bridging the Gap

Kate Edgar and Graeme Willis run this intensive reducing reoffending coaching and mentoring programme, working with men and women prior to and on release from prison into Lincoln and the surrounding areas.  They support an effective transitions from the structured prison environment to the community.

Feel Good Project

Stuart also holds these mindfulness sessions which include, meditation, breathing and coping techniques.  The aim is to improve participants mental health and wellbeing by providing individuals with a wellbeing toolkit.  One to one support for individuals is also available.

Project Compass

Project Compass work face to face with those sleeping rough and is currently based at Lincoln Baptist Church.  Becky Frost, Libby Liberty and Sue Oliver provide an advocacy service, keeping people in touch with services and maintaining engagement.  They also provides hot and cold food and drinks, an opportunity for a quick wash, clothing, and phone charging.

The Men’s Group

Andy Penny has recently started The Men’s Group, which is an opportunity for people to come together to make new friendships and connections as part of a film, art, music and tech project.

The Pitch

Kate and Ian also support this men’s group that meets weekly to combat isolation by connecting people, talking and socialising.  As well as developing skills through practical and physical activities.

Although these projects are all stand alone support systems for individuals, they are also interlinked; over a period of time many participants will start with one project and as they progress will move onto another project that will better suit their needs at that time.

To find out more about the individual projects take a look at ‘Our Projects’ section on the website.