Neurotopia is a new Lincoln based project, part of developmentplus and is  a neurodivergent led neurodivergent support hub in Lincoln UK.  Alexandra Chambers, Development Worker, is leading this project 

The hub opened the hub in December 2023 and has received a high demand on this service so far.  

The project offers one to one support with neurodivergent adults (no formal diagnosis required) AND parents of neurodivergent children. This is across the neurodivergent spectrum, primarily autistic and ADHD, however, all neurodivergents seeking support are most welcome.

Alex uses a holistic coaching approach in the community and can help with many things including diagnosis support, advocacy, executive functioning difficulties, advice & signposting. As well as offering assistance with evidence gathering using the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) framework, Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) related issues, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) forms. Also available are headed letters/ emails outlining and addressing any concerns to GP/schools,Dr’s appointments, school appointments along with a neuroaffirming lending library.

She can provide Understanding Neurodiversity training for schools, employers, groups and more…..

Alex will  utilise a triage system alongside a waiting list to ensure people are receiving the best support in the fairest possible time frame. Initial appointments will be 90 minutes long to identify areas of support needed, the help required and how this would be achieved. She will do this by asking you questions about any issues and through navigating the systems with you/ your child in mind.

To find out more you can contact Alex;


Mobile:  07399023584