developmentplus is delighted that thanks to recent additional funding from Community Asset Development Fund (CAD), the STEPS programme will be will be able to continue supporting people until at least March 2023.

STEPS is an intensive coaching and mentoring programme that supports individuals furthest from the employment market to address the many barriers they may be experiencing, such as mental health issues, addiction, unemployment or housing problems. Lots of people in communities across the country have lacked the confidence and self-esteem to tackle these issues, particularly as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic with many people experiencing unemployment and poor mental health for the first time.

STEPS gives people an opportunity to explore possibilities, make informed choices and set realistic action plans, working at a pace to suit them. The key to the success of this programme is people can work on whatever aspect of their life they want to change – they are helped to set goals/pinpoint specific areas of their life which are preventing them from moving forward. Outcomes of the project are different for every individual, but the aims is to give both practical and emotional support. It is hoped to be able to support people to access employment, training or education opportunities including practical help with accessing training courses, CV guidance and interview preparation.

Ian Enright, Development Worker, has been working on the STEPS programme since October 2021 having previously undertaken similar projects for developmentplus. Ian is trained in Acceptance and Commitment therapy, an approach he has been using in the one to one coaching he’s used with participants.

People have been referred to Ian through partner organisations and as well as people making contact themselves for support. Each person’s journey has been unique, and they have received weekly, fortnightly or monthly support as necessary for as long as possible.

If yourself or someone you know would benefit from the STEPS programme,  please contact Ian

Tel: 07534444601