6 Month Research and Consultation Project

– On behalf of the City of Lincoln Council

Brief – To provide a targeted piece of work, talking directly to those individuals who frequent the streets of the City Centre, in particular those who are either causing ASB or are under the influence of drugs that do have a fixed abode but choose not to recognise this.

The research project seeks to identify:

  • Circumstances that led to that individuals current situation
  • What would they want out of a person centred project?
  • What services do they already access?
  • What services don’t they access and reason why (e.g. barred/existing client history etc)
  • What historic services have you accessed in the past (positive ones may no-longer be available)
  • What are their aims and aspirations for the future, and how do they think they can achieve these?
  • Do you have a fixed abode? If so why aren’t you using it? What would encourage you to use it?
  • If enforcement was part of an ultimatum, how would this make you feel? (they may welcome it, prison may provide an element of safety/stability for a brief moment of time)

During the research process we are also identifying individuals who are willing to sit with us and provide a full case study of their journey leading them to a life on the streets. 

Outcome – A comprehensive report pulling together all Case Studies, providing recommendations for moving forward with a bigger project including: specific partner gaps/requirements, required support groups and main themes for why these individuals are in the position that they are.  This may also result in identifying services that are failing clients, it may mean the new project will have to have some commitment and accountability from statutory agencies that this doesn’t happen in the future.